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Marola Marola
Between Spezia and Portovenere lies the town of Marola, tucked away in a little bay hidden by the promontory. In the second half of the 19th century, the San Vito docks and the church of San Vito were torn down to make way for the construction of a naval dockyard. The church of San Vito, which originally dated back to the 13th century, was rebuilt in a different location in 1884. The remains of San Vito are now housed in the new church.
Marola was once a Roman settlement, as suggested by the discovery of remains such as old coins, glass phials and marble busts. Claudio Maria Torriani was the first to uncover these remains in the 15th century, and later discoveries were made by Spezzian bishop Gasparo Mass in the 17th century, and by Francesco Curletti in the 18th century.

Photo: Diego Ravera